Hi everybody!
I'll let you first know whew I'm coming from and why I need help. I've been a farmhand and general mechanic since I was little and now I'm to the point to where I think I'm ready to pursue agricultural manufacturing but I don't have a degree in engineering or anything like that. I work as an aircraft mechanic and have a small machine shop.
Here's the scenario; a drop-hammer hydraulic post driver. The existing ones in the market are impracically expensive or too complicated.
I'm looking for information or suggestions for:
Displacement vs. Pistons
Seal grade
Plated vs. Polished rod

The cylinder will be normally retracted, single-acting cycle, inverted, 14" stroke (minimum) ,1400 lb. load (460lb hammer compounded via chain like a forklift) and 1900 psi. minimum.
The requirements for this cylinder are so primitive that even an engine hoist bottle would suffice if it weren't for the roughly 10,000+ cycles I hope this would withstand.
Those bottles too are so basic that that I could easily replicate them on my own machines.
Anything helping get me in the right direction would be amazing.