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Thread: Typical jobs with a BS in mechanical engineering technology

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    Typical jobs with a BS in mechanical engineering technology

    Hello, I am currently in the process of earning a BS in mechanical engineering technology and was hoping someone with more experience than me would be kind enough to share some of the more common entry level jobs someone might acquire with that degree. i realize that there is no definitive list and it is one of the more broad fields that exists but a general list would be helpful. if it helps i know CAD, CAM, CNC and have designed probably more than most people have in my position, i have internship experience with fiber optics research, cad models and mechanical drawings of various things and public speaking and hopefully soon i will have experience with designing precision optical equipment although that has not been definitive. i live in boston if that helps.

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    I challenge you to look around you and find a single manmade object whose development, production, packaging, distribution, transportation, or final sale did not involve mechanical engineers in every step.

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