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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    Hi guyz..
    I'm newbie here..
    Now I'm busy of doing a maintenance works for 3 different manufacturers of NGV gas compressors. The works cover on calibration on switches, gauges, transmitters and thermocouples..
    Recently I bought Fluke Dry Well Calibrators 9100s fixed block type A for the thermocouples. Everything goes well until I found the thermocouples that cannot be inserted into my dry well
    fixed block as its dimension is bigger. I've contacted fluke and they said the fixed block is not interchangeable. It really cost me to change the new calibrator. Perhaps someone here
    experienced this problem and come out with very good solution.

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    I suspect that by the time you figure out and design/purchase a new calibration dry well you have probably spend more money in wages then if you just bought what you needed from Fluke.

    But – that’s just me…

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