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Thread: Silica in Domestic Water Issue

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    Silica in Domestic Water Issue

    We have a new domestic system taking bore water for our new house. Have silica being deposited on benches, sinks, basins & baths. Tracked it to hot water via water test below. Supply water flows through particulate filter, coarse salt filter (Kinetico) then another particulate filter before going to hot water cylinder or cold water system. Hot water cylinder also heated by solar system, power and heat pump. Cylinder is Greenglo 500D which is vitreous enamel lined with magnesium anode. Cylinder manufacturer not supplying useful advice.

    Anyone have any ideas where the extra silica is coming from in the hot water system?

    Anyone know how to remove silica scale from enamel baths, porcelain basins & stainless steel without damage?

    Parameter: Before Softener: After Softener: Hot Tap (after softener):
    pH (SU): 7.3 8.0 9.8
    Total Dissolved Solids (mg/L): 110 120 240
    Alkalinity (mg/L): 60 - -
    Total Hardness (mg/L): 80 <5
    Silica (mg/L): 14.5 15.5 111
    Total Iron (mg/L): 0.05 0.02 0.03
    Manganese (mg/L): <0.01 0.02 <0.01
    Langelier Index: -1.1 - -
    Turbidity (NTU): 0.26 0.52 0.74
    Colour (˚H): <1 <1 <1
    %UVT @ 254 nm: 97.8 97.1 77.5
    The before softener sample was clear with no significant sediment.
    The after softener sample was clear with no significant sediment.
    The hot tap sample was clear with no significant sediment.

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    Silica is one of the most common compounds found in natural water sources, like wells, rivers and so on.

    Heat from your water heater is causing a chemical reaction that is separating the silica into other simplified compounds that are depositing on your tubs, etc.

    It's a no big deal issue...

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    thank you so much buddy for your help reply. Actually I didn't know much about Silica. But it's clear to me now.

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