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Thread: Sch160 2 1/2 pipe process/material for application

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    Sch160 2 1/2 pipe process/material for application

    I am looking for the correct pipe term and having a bit of trouble.

    It is sch 160 2 1/2 pipe

    OD 2.875
    ID 2.125
    2" in length
    Within the pipe is a
    2" cylinder diameter by .2"
    Central exhaust to ATM

    The pipe will experience a constant regulated external temperature of between 300 and 315 degrees Celsius(570-600F) . This temperature is supplied via voltage. When the voltage is shut off the cylinder will experience external temperatures between -24 and 32C(-10to90F).

    4800 psi of compressed vapor(NOT STEAM) will be injected into the pipe for short mechanical "pulse" duration of .15 to .20" of the stroke, with no vapor expansion, forcing a 2"x.2' cylinder to move .875" before a central exhaust port is exposed.

    I should be well within the pipes limitations with the short duration and stroke of the cylinder. The gap around the cylinder and short duration should lessen the pressures further. But, I want to make sure I have the correct terminology when ordering the pipe so I am supplied with the correct material.

    The list in the below link shows seamless(a106) and welded(a53), a333/334, as well as the varying grades and other classes to add to the fun of a hobbyist such as myself.
    I need to make sure I am dealing with the correct material without ordering specialized and more costly material then I need.

    Thank you for your time and help.

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    And here is the link that I somehow managed to miss posting.

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    I am thinking of using sch160 2 1/2" A106 Grade B.

    But, I am coming across conflicting information on the allowable working pressures at the Operating temperature of 315C that I want to run.

    I feel this is due to steam, hydraulic, and other factors playing a role in equations not shown in the pdf's with them just showing the results on a chart as a rough reference.

    Lets refine this a bit;
    A106 Grade B what is the max operating pressure at 315C?
    A106 Grade C what is the max operating pressure at 315C?


    The pipe is not welded it is "sandwiched"/press fit between a upper and lower "caps" that have a wall of .565" (minimum) dropping .5" below the ends of the pipe(and .5" above) leaving 1" of the pipe showing between these caps. The layout is typical rod end cylinder allowing for disassembly.

    Thank you for any help.

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