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Thread: Ring Expansion Test Set Up

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    Ring Expansion Test Set Up

    How can a ring of a material be outwardly expanded in the radial direction using a loading mechanism?
    I want to set up a ring expansion experiment to study the dynamic tensile failure of materials. Materials of interest would be ceramics and metals.

    There already exist methods of expansion by press fitting a ring around a cylinder and putting explosives inside said cylinder and that detonation will expand the ring.

    I was thinking of maybe placing a ring around a cylinder made out of rubber or of any other material with a high enough poisson's ratio to laterally expand when struck axially by an external force but I figured that the cylinder would just plastically deform around the ring instead of expanding it.

    I am wondering if another set up to uniformly expand a ring exists already or if anyone has any other ideas.

    A paper that may be of interest is attached to this post

    Thank you!

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    I'm just on this forum to ask a question myself. but my eye fell on this question.
    as a goldsmith i'm well known with two mechanism designed to stretch the rings (like weddingbands) into a larger size without having to cut the seemsless bands.

    a similar (or these instruments themselves could verywell fit your needs)

    one (the cheapest once) is this design.

    a long metal hollow conus is cut into 4 long strips and expanded by pushing a similar conus from within, intheory leaving not an exact round ring (in practise it does thought)

    the other design i have no link of but is also a steel conus. but with strong steel prongs from the small diameter pusing the ring down to the larger diameter, stretching the material this way.

    sorry if this was useless info but, ifso just ignore it.

    Kind regards


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    Can you spin it fast enough to have it burst?

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