hey guys..

well i was thinking buying myself an car polishing / waxing machine.. but i need it for my motorbike.
the thing about these machines is that they are big, heavy and not intended for small surfaces, which a motorbike exists of mostly.
so i was thinking of using my dreml.. i already have a small polishing pad. but the thing is that the lacquer can easily burn when none excentric motion is used.

is.. i would like to build a eccentric gear box to add to my dremel.
so i googled a bit and found some stuff. but it's all designed to create an excentic motion without the rotational motion and i'm looking for both.

so basically i'm looking for a somewhat basic design (so it can be a DIY project) although that is ofcourse extremly subjective.
or something i can ready buy and create into something that would fit a dremel with some minor or major modifications.

anything that could help is appreciated.

Kind regards