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Thread: Help with with a problem! Looking for a genius!

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    Help with with a problem! Looking for a genius!

    Guys, I am looking for some help!

    I am about to attempt to build a frame that be covered with tread-plate to become vehicle ramps for a recovery truck. I want these to be as light as possible but strong enough for the pair to carry 1600kg.

    I have attached a picture. Diagram "A" is the usual frame that would be used to support one wheel of the vehicle. This would be a very heavy, but strong box steel (50mm x 50mm). Diagram "B" is me thinking of using some kind of weight spreading structure so I can use much lighter steel, maybe 40mm x 40mm.

    Am I right in thinking this structure will spread the weight and will it actually be as strong or stronger if I use lighter gear?

    Anyone got any ideas?
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