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Thread: Decoupling Capacitors on PCB Design

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    Confused Decoupling Capacitors on PCB Design


    I am currently designing a solar cell test degradation rig for a university project. I have a digital potentiometer with two capacitors, one is 100nF and one 10uF. I also have a multiplexer with a single 100nF decoupling capacitor. My question is, if I have a single power supply, is it okay for PCB tracks to pass through one devices capacitors before passing into another devices capacitor? I have attached a PNG file to demonstrate what I mean. In this image, the power supply passes through the capacitors of the digital pot, before passing then into the multiplexer. However, the multiplexer and the potentiometer are in no way connected in my schematic, only through the power supply... To me this just makes the capacitance of the capacitance going into the multiplexer the sum of the total capacitance, as they are parrallel with each other which is not correct? Sorry if this sounds stupid, I've not done PCB design before this.

    Thanks in advance

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