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Thread: Clamping unit wanted

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    Clamping unit wanted

    Hello (sorry for the bad english, but i really am in need of help)

    I currently attend a mechanical school in Austria and have to design a new clamping unit for a lid.
    The circular lid is loaded with a force of 60kN (the force acts on the center) and clamped with 4 units.

    The currently existing units are equipped with star-shaped grips which have to be turned clockwise to clamp the lid.
    The problem here is the particle generation of the thread.

    Therefore, i am looking for another solution, which can applie the force needed to clamp the lid, but without the particle generation.
    It has to be a manually operated solution.

    I am thankful for every kind of advice you can give me and am thankful for you spending your time helping me.

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    These notes should get you started on the right track to determining the requirements for whatever you use to replace the screws in your flange.

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