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Thread: One piston engine, silent exhaust

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    One piston engine, silent exhaust

    I have a gasoline engine, model 168 (6,5hp). I need to modify exhaust system. Current one is to loud. I am looking for option to be as silent as possible. Muffler size can be max round tube, 77mm in diameter, max 20cm long, tube from engine to muffler is 1 inch in diameter. No need for power,... just not to be this loud. See picture:

    Any idea?
    What to use in a muffler to lower the sound? Tubes, walls wit holes, foam,...?
    I am looking in something like this:



    or how to design?
    How it's done in motorcycles? If they lower the sound...
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    Designing and building a muffler seems like a lot effort. I suggest that you look around for a similar engine and determine if an existing muffler can be procured and installed.

    Check out those recreational run silent generators, like the Honda EU's or yamaha's.

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