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    Hi All,

    I am new to electrical and electronics. Sorry if my questions are not correct or meaningful.
    Kindly help me in my queries:

    1. How to produce 500 Amps of Direct current(DC) with 12 Voltage. Looking for less cost solution.
    Usage: I need it for use in experimenting with aluminium anodising.
    2. I have a UPS/ inverter which charges a 12 Volt 100AH battery. Now how to know how much Amps does this UPS gives to charge the battery.

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    To change Volts and amps to random 12V and 500 amps you need to use step down transformer
    I expect you using electricity from your wall socket , like 220V 20 AMP (europe ) , because if you rise up 20amp to 500 amp , it means difference will be 25 times . like 20A*25=500AMP then voltage go lower 220V/25=8,8V and so on , so you need to find your own values for this logic , you may not get exactly 500AMP and 12V straight from transformer , decide what is more important for you if 12V s what you need but amp can be different , 220/12=18,3 times difference , in that case if you step down volt from 220V to 12V AMPS go up 20A*18,3=366AMP . There is possible to make exactly what values you need but it requires also add some CAPACITORS and some other stuff but its too long story to talk about it.

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    12V may be too low for aluminium hard anodizing. Only submicron smooth anode layer will be produced, not enough to effectively hold dye if it is your purpose.
    My suggestion is to buy variable voltage supply like 60V@5A and to play with the anodizing regimes, looking on the anode film properties and appearance.

    P.S. At higher voltages, transition to porous layer results in current spike after several minutes in bath. That spike is a good indication of dye-holding pores formation.

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