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Thread: Running electrical through sheet metal products

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    Running electrical through sheet metal products

    Hello, i am curious about any rules/regulations regarding if i was to run electrical through our manufactured sheet metal products. We make furniture products for labs and sometimes i get asked to pre-wire products to be hooked up to the building by en elctrician on site during the install.
    Am i good to have just anyone on the shop floor install the elsctrical componets in the products? Or does this have to be done by a licensed electrician?

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    Don't know where you are in the world however electrical installations can normally be done by anybody. But, the installation should meet code and may require an inspection or review by a specified/qualified professional..
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    Codes - which might vary by jurisdiction? Also I would think your product liability will increase substantially, especially if some minor fault ends up causing major damage or injury. Kelly is right that "anybody" can do it, but if it were me I would only allow professionals to design and install wiring.

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