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Thread: Control engineer vs electrical engineer?

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    Control engineer vs electrical engineer?

    Hi, I graduated college 4 years ago with an electrical engineering degree and emphasis in power.

    My first 2 years of work after graduation was as an electrical engineer in the MEP industry, doing construction documents.

    My last 2 years I have been working as a controls engineer at a company where we do PLC/automation projects.

    My question is what is a better field (meaning more stable future job prospects and income).. the electrical power engineering field or controls/automation engineer?

    I liked both. But I want to pick one to focus on. I love the idea of having my PE license and stamping drawings and doing more power work, but I love start ups and troubleshooting PLCs, etc. I also feel like if I stay in this automation field I won't be looked at for any future power jobs and my PE stamp I could get wouldn't mean anything.

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    Search the internet for job opening for each profession. I doubt you be able to pick your next job opportunity btw.

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    Both field have their own advantages and both field have high pay jobs..but if you have more intrest to work with PLC then go with control/automation engineering

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