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Thread: Control engineer vs electrical engineer?

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    Control engineer vs electrical engineer?

    Hi, I graduated college 4 years ago with an electrical engineering degree and emphasis in power.

    My first 2 years of work after graduation was as an electrical engineer in the MEP industry, doing construction documents.

    My last 2 years I have been working as a controls engineer at a company where we do PLC/automation projects.

    My question is what is a better field (meaning more stable future job prospects and income).. the electrical power engineering field or controls/automation engineer?

    I liked both. But I want to pick one to focus on. I love the idea of having my PE license and stamping drawings and doing more power work, but I love start ups and troubleshooting PLCs, etc. I also feel like if I stay in this automation field I won't be looked at for any future power jobs and my PE stamp I could get wouldn't mean anything.

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    Search the internet for job opening for each profession. I doubt you be able to pick your next job opportunity btw.

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    Both field have their own advantages and both field have high pay jobs..but if you have more intrest to work with PLC then go with control/automation engineering

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    First of all u should know the difference between engineering and controlling. Both r different. Electrical enginnering deals with the power , energy generation and transmission. as well as all the machines thats works on electrical phenomenon.
    Control systems are the derived branch of core electrical as electronics. They deals with the control and operation. u can say automation.

    Automation is vast field. Earlier it was handled by Mechanical Engineers, now by electrical engineers due to machine design.
    Control Engineer could be either Electrical, Mechanial or Electronic Engineer, which deals with automation of plant.
    Electrial Engineer deals with all kind of electric machines.
    electrical engineer for power and electrical maintenance but control engineer for automation like plc and scada

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