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Thread: Cross between 3D printer and inkjet?

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    Cross between 3D printer and inkjet?

    Hello, new member :-)

    I've been a-Googlin' to no end but cannot find what I think should be an easily available device for printing on 3D objects. Direct-to-substrate printers cost thousands of dollars but in principle any sub-$100 laser engraver can have its laser head replaced with an inkjet printhead et voila, you have a little printer that can print on your hand or personalize your laptop or a gajillion other things.

    The design of nearly every inkjet printer relies on a printhead that moves only on the X axis while the gears push forward the paper. Mounting the printhead on an armature of the sort 3D printers and CNC routers use would allow for printing on stuff other than paper. Is there really such little demand that Canon and Epson can't sell them by the millions or has it just not occurred to them?

    In any case, if anyone reading this would like to make a few bucks I would gladly pay for a Frankenprinter that works. Please? Anyone?


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    Interesting concept, but I'm not sure the product would be less expensive than either a 3D printer a Direct-to-substrate printer.

    You might check out the reprap community and see what they have.
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    There is a company that is working on a 3D printer/engraver combo. Also, there is a company that has combined 3D printing and micro machining into one machine.

    Search the internet.

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