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Thread: Turbine lube oil interlocks

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    Confused Turbine lube oil interlocks

    Hello newbie here,

    I'm just curious about something.

    You know Turbine have some interlock specs.

    This is our turbine lube oil press interlocks

    • Aux lube oil pump outlet press : 17.5 Bar
    • Lube oil press normal : 0.8 - 1.2 Bar
    • AC lube oil pump auto start : 0.69 Bar
    • DC lube oil pump auto start : 0.59 Bar
    • Turbin Trip : 0.4 Bar

    I have a question, what things that makes changes in lube oil pressure? Sometimes it can be too low or too high.

    And, you know from the interlocks spec if the pressure too low, AC pump will be turn on automatically. what is the relation of low pressure with AC pump? Because as i know, AC pump is used if the turbine speed is too low.

    Thx before.

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    the first problem is a fouling the filter and oil leakage

    AC pump turn on if we have a low pressur for protect bearing of turbine
    may be pressur drop by damage of the coupled pump

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