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Thread: ReBuilding a pneumatic Press- Help!!

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    ReBuilding a pneumatic Press- Help!!

    Hi all,

    This is my first post, after searching the web i feel i'm in the right place!

    I bought recently, as a project, a Flypress that had been pneumatically converted ( i a cylinder on top that simply pushed the ram down) max up and down strokes are limited by microswitches and the the cylinder has two 1/4" bsp connections - pretty standard i think. The pneumatic solenoid is missing and the wiring has been damaged and broken - the machine was put into storage and was working -but over the last year its been cannibalised by other projects and such like. I am a humble sheetmetal fabricator and although i'm very interested and have a little knowledge of pneumatics and basic electrics i need a bit of guidance regarding a wiring diagram. The machine still has a 150v auto transformer, on/off switch and microswitches in position . The machine was used previously for inserting bushes, i'm hoping to do simple folding and punching on it.
    Thanks for looking and would appreciate any advice or links.

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