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Thread: Mechanical Gearbox Leverage System

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    Mechanical Gearbox Leverage System


    I'm hoping this is the right kind of forum for this so here goes -

    I'm after some bearing advice. I have a 2 metre manual lever (class 2) and would like to put a bearing on the fulcrum that allows axial movement but no (or little) latteral(i'm sure thats not the right term) movement. I guess some kind of thrust bearing?

    It's part of a leverage system for a heavy gearbox, so basically needs to be a sturdy bearing for a 2m lever that only allows axial movements. It's manual, for a manual gear box, ao while it needs to be able to withstand a good shove we are not talking epic forces.

    Complete novice so any good advice os hugely appreciated.

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    Your question cannot be answered as stated.
    1 - Make a diagram
    2 - Include all relevant dimensions, motions, and forces.
    - quantified terms are preferred over "a good shove"
    - "heavy gearbox"? How heavy?
    3 - The two types of motion related to rotary bearings are "radial" (rotary motion about an axis) and "axial" (linear motion along the axis). A bearing that resists axial motion is a thrust bearing. It absorbs and resists axial force. "Lateral" is not a clearly understood term.

    Can you post a diagram? Thanks.

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