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Thread: Is it possible to build this product with machinery currently it is handmade.

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    Off Topic Is it possible to build this product with machinery currently it is handmade.

    I am a manufacturer of this product i attached and it is made from copper sheets. 3-4 people work on this product and they make this product by their hands using traditional tools like hammer and huge scissors which can cut metal sheets. This process consumes so much time and the product costs me half the amount of raw material cost in labor. I couldn't compete with my competitors in the market. So i am planning to setup some kind of machinery with which i am planning to work it myself so i hope that this machine makes it a one man's job. So i want to know if this is possible and what kind of machines would help me achieve this. The current process in making this is the product is made in three parts the top middle and bottom are made separately and welded together finally and polished. The final welding and polishing process are not a problem. Even making the separate parts of the vessel would suffice.
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    Spinning and deep drawing. You won't get the cosmetic imperfections unless you process that.

    See Deep Drawing and Spinning Manufacturing
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    If the interior finish is not important, you could consider a bronze slush casting.

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