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Thread: Limit switch

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    Limit switch

    I have a design where I am using a snap action limit switch to de-energizer an electric motor. The issue I'm having is when the limit switch is actuated there is some delay on the motor which causes over travel. This causes the piece hitting the limit switch to twist.

    Is there another type of non contact switch I can use? Very little force is causing the twist in the component.

    Is there anyway to have no delay in limit switch? From actuation to stop there is about 5/8" over travel. The current snap action switch I am using allows for only about 1/4" travel.


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    Unless you have a brake on the motor it sounds like your problem isn't with the switch but with the momentum of the motor. Motors don't stop instantaneously. They will coast to a stop after power is removed. Either move the switch to a position which will account for momentum in the system or put a brake on the motor or some other component.

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    Oo... use a static stop feature instead of a limit switch.
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