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Thread: Calculate deflection of pipe

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    Calculate deflection of pipe


    What is the best way to calculate the max deflection of a 35" span of 3/4" pipe undergoing a max load of 200 lbs at the center? The pipe is supported at both ends. Assume a standard carbon steel 3/4" s/40 pipe in accordance with ANSI B36.10

    Outer Diameter: 1.05"
    Inner Diameter: 0.824"
    Pipe weight per foot: 1.13 lbs

    Thank you

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    Kelly has you a starting point, but you will need to plug-in the Modulus of the steel being stressed. Also, perhaps I am wrong, dead wrong, but it would appear to me the cross-section of the steel determines its flexure resistance also, or we would build everything from pipes and not I-beams.

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