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Thread: how to calculate bending momnet and bearing capacity of MS steel 25mm thk & area 1m2

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    how to calculate bending momnet and bearing capacity of MS steel 25mm thk & area 1m2

    How to calculate Bending Strength and Bearing capacity of 25mm thick MS plate of area 1.00Mx1.00M.this is required for the purpose of erection of equipment using mobile crane and the Intention is to use the MS plate as a crane mat for outriggers ( to enhance the bearing capacity of existing Natural Soils).Please send the calculations for the same.


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    Want a little free engineering? It will be worth what you pay for it.
    Not slamming the contributors to this forum. Just saying this is not a place to ask someone else to do your work for free or to ask a professional for free engineering services. If you want to know HOW to do your own calculations there are lots of tools here to help you.
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    Find out the bearing pressure of the soils, use the Effective Area Method to find the bearing pressure under your plate and how much of the plate is actually working. Decrease/increase plan dimensions and/or plate thickness until the two pressures can be resolved. You'll need to know the in service load and the outrigger and the dimensions of the outrigger shoe.

    Have fun and you're welcome.

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