Hi gents and ladies,

I am facing an issue about the EPS (expended polystyrene) fire retardant product.

First, the product is designed according to EPS expansion ratio 30 (general density is 0.033 g/cm3).
The CAD software is giving me the total weight 0.8 gram (using density 0.033 g/cm3).
The specified weight tolerance range is 0.84~0.76 gram.

If the injected EPS product is giving me 1.2 gram.

1. Does it mean that the expansion ratio of the injected product is not 30 anymore?
2. Does it affect the product mechanical properties (strength and thermal resistance)?
3. If I specify the "expansion ratio 30" and "weight range 1.9~2.1 gram" in the drawing. Which one would drive the final result?

Really need your help and advice.