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Thread: Which transformer should i choose, auto transformer or isolation transformer please?

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    Rolleyes Which transformer should i choose, auto transformer or isolation transformer please?

    Hi forum,
    I've started to collect the electrical bits and pieces for my new shop, and have to think hard about the 3PH, 600V side of things. I've decided I want to go with a Phase Perfect 1PH to 3PH converter, but it seems there's more to the transformer side of things when you start to look into it. Well, I saw knowledgeable people recommending auto-transformers, but it seems many folks use isolation transformers too( what is electrical isolation. I can look up what the difference is, and I even understand some of it, but what I'm having a hard time determining is what is best for a woodworking shop and how many factors may be site specific. Like do I need to know if the power from the pole is 208V vs 240V, and I have some machines that are 575V and some 600V...does that really matter?
    I have read that as long as you're +/- 10% you're ok but if I'm not mistaken, transformers are dumb, and just boost/drop voltage according to the relative number of windings (or which tap point you use) and 208 vs. 240 is a pretty significant difference once it's boosted. Anyway, just so you know, I will have a card carrying electrician do the work, but I'm trying to take advantage of the great used market here in Ontario and get many of the various bits ahead of time.
    Any thoughts on transformers would be appreciated.

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    Isolation Transformer is the best choice for your application

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