Hello everyone! I need to design a bus stop shelter model that's self-sustained using renewable energy for lighting, cooling and opening and closing automatic doors. If there is no one inside the bus stop shelter, the system light should be switched off. Fans should work automatically when temperature reaches certain degrees and be off below certain temperatures.
I need to make a small model of this, not an actual sized bus stop shelter. Let's say to fit a 50 cm by 50 cm model.
My questions are the following: 1- All power must be from renewable energy. The lights, the moving of the door, and the fans opening when it hits a certain temperature. What is the most efficient and easiest that can power all these at once..?
2- I think i need an arduino to connect it to the motion sensor and for opening of the doors and lights. Does anyone know any recommended arduino motors i can use? And does it require a lot of knowledge in programming or is the task i'm asking quite easy..?
also any recommended motion sensors? cause all i can find are motion sensors that emit light when it detects motion. Is there a motion sensors where it can be programmed to do a specific task when it detects motion..?
Any help will be really really appreciated, might buy you a drink or two for whoever helps