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Thread: O-rings dynamic flange application

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    Question O-rings dynamic flange application

    We have an article on static O-rings in a flange arrangement

    And dynamic O-rings in a reciprocating cylinder arrangement

    But what does an engineer use in a dynamic flange arrangement? For example, if in the first article, the two flanges were to rotate with respect to each other. Or is there a good reason that this is a very bad idea and I need to redesign things to make it look like the second article? Do just give a little more depth so the compression is only 10-30%? I'm making a high pressure air swivel joint.


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    Static means that the two flanges are to not move relative to one another. Dynamic means movement and the o-rings are compressed less to allow movement and less friction. For rotation use the dynamic design.
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    I may be wrong but I think most if not all of the dynamic seals in standard commercial rotary unions are of the cylindrical type. Have you contacted some of those manufacturers? There's a lot of expertise there, and some of them have probably already done what you're trying to do.

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