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Thread: Aluminum on plastic tolerance fit?

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    Aluminum on plastic tolerance fit?

    Hello, so I have a very simple question for those who have experience making plastic on metal fits:

    I have an frame with aluminum square tube rails (1.5x1.5), joined by plastic corners (Delrin). The frame is not expected to be exposed to high heat but will be stressed and relieved continually.

    What is your best estimation for the tolerance between the (machined) plastic corner inserts and the (extruded) aluminum tubing for a good fit (somewhere between a perfect fit and a very light hammer tap?

    Thank you!

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    Delrin is pretty workable and stretches. I would do nominal dimension of the tube with +.0015/-.0000 or maybe just +.002/-.000. Am I reading it correctly, they go inside of the tube to join the pieces together?

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