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Thread: Centrifugal compressor Inspection

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    Confused Centrifugal compressor Inspection

    Hi Everybody!

    So the problem is: we have a 3-stage centrifugal compressor unit for air(mounted in block box) with motor 800kW.
    This is integrally geared compressor. Both motor and gearbox berings are sleeve.
    Compressor was stored in heated and dry building for 10 (!) years (packaged) - Customer cancelled the project

    Now we want to use it in another project.
    So, could anyone suggest the inspection procedure for this machine?
    At first glance: visual inspection, try to rotate the rotor manually using barring device, try to connect 400 V and test oil pump, oil heater, blow-off valve. Check/replace oil and inlet air filters? Check/replace oil? What else?

    Thanks in advance!!

    Best regards,

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    I would believe the best thing to do for this case is to contact the manufacturer's and ask them for an inspection procedure or those machines should come already with an O&M manual which shall include all maintenance tasks and inspection procedures in place.

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