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I have Hydraulic Winch with Capacity 10 Ton SWL, requirement of the power supply (hydraulic pump) is 180 bar, 104 l/min.

The question is, can I use Hydraulic Pump with duty point 400 bar and Flow rate 300 l/min for the power supply?

my idea is to make the Head of Pump higher and or put a tee on outlet pump so the outlet liquid can be divided.
Please for your comment and adivse.

My Hydraulic Winch data as below,

Equipped with Control Valve, Pressure Gauge, Gearbox, Pressure Line, Return Line, Drain Coupling.

1.Type : Hydraulic Motor
2.Size : 200 CC
3. Rated Speed : 580 rpm
4. Nominal Power : 10 Kw
5. Power Supply : 180 bar, 104 liter/minute.

1.Nominal Static braking : 500 Nm
2. Pressure : 27 bar

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