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Thread: Calculation Bending moment

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    Calculation Bending moment

    I need some help about one exercice, here it is :
    bending moment.png
    So I found the reactions forces, Shear force at 1,2,3,4...10 meter, but for the bending moment, I am hard stuck, I don't know how to find the BM@5m, I found the BM@ for 1,2,3,4 but the formula i was using doesnt work for the rest..


    the calcul of reactions forces + shear force diagram


    the calcul of Shear force + Bending moment until BM@5

    If anyone can help..

    Kind regards

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    If this is school you need to read the rules - no homework allowed.

    If this is an application outside of school use this tool:

    Static 2D Modeler and Structural Load Calculator
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