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Thread: Design Calculations of Bolted tubesheet on a annular ring welded to the shell

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    Design Calculations of Bolted tubesheet on a annular ring welded to the shell

    Hello, I am new learner for mechanical design of bolted tube-sheet and annular ring welded to shell. I am chemical engineer and know nothing about mechanical engineering design. Can anyone help me with formula or calculation excel sheet for calculating the thickness. The filter vessel is 813 mm OD with 14 mm thickness (ID 785 mm) carbon steel. The tube-sheet and annular ring will be SS316L. The tube-sheet will have 10 holes of 161 mm ID to accommodate the filter elements in it. We get a empty circumferential space of 44 mm to drill holes and attach the tube-sheet in the annular ring. Can some one help me with the mechanical design calculations? or give me a excel sheet with calculations. Will be highly indebted.
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    It would appear that the pressure of the liquid being filtered will force the tube sheet against the internal ring that you propose to weld in place.

    The first question that a mechanical engineer has is what is the maximum pressure that the vessel will experience if the filter clogs?

    The second thought might be what strength reduction or internal stress might be the result of your welding inside?

    The third thought might be, can you sandwich the tube sheet between the bolted flange at the end of the vessel and weld the connector onto the cap? It would seem that you need to remove the cap for filter servicing anyway.

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    I'm not sure what the loading or what you're looking for. There are solution calculators here -

    excel spreadsheets down loads here.

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