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Thread: Mechanical Engineer looking for some career advice

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    Mechanical Engineer looking for some career advice

    Looking for some advice on how to start my next chapter....

    I am currently working in sales at a craft brewery that is growing rapidly, and will be needing assistance with that growth. It looks like I will be joining the Operations team shortly and have some ideas on how to help them in that growth. The current Ops Manager is also a Mechanical Engineer, so I think we will be a pretty solid team.

    My short term goal is to get them up to speed, by getting automated systems wherever possible, while working on the endless amount of other projects currently happening.

    I graduated with a BS in ME, and went mostly into Operations/Sales in the Oil & Gas industry. It has been sometime since I have looked at any coding and desperately need to take some refresher courses. I was thinking of maybe going to a local university or community college to get the basics, which I then can use to get some of the low hanging fruit taken care of at the brewery.

    Long term goal is to get a MS degree in Systems Engineering or possibly Controls or something in that field, then maybe an executive MBA (that is still very much undecided). I think my end game , is to become head of operations. And if not in the brewing world, be able to move to another industry.

    Guess the question is, where should I start? I know this is a broad question but looking for a variety of answers. Are there things online I could get going with, or should I jump into some course work, what coding should I start learning, etc? Also, are there any suggestions for a MS degree that is recommended which would help me obtain these goals?

    This has happened quickly and trying to materialize a plan on the fly, still thinking all the parts through. Thank you in advance.

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    You can opt for MS Degree and along with that you can continue doing internship. In the Internship you will get to learn and you will get some stipend.

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