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Thread: Angularity vs Perpendicularity on a Dovetail

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    Angularity vs Perpendicularity on a Dovetail

    First post is a question :/

    I am trying to establish the right way to control the 90deg feature of a dovetail.

    I'd think creating one side as a datum and then calling out perpendicularity to that for the other surface would be the best method. But I've been told that its not proper, so I am trying to figurre out the right way to do it.

    I've attached a drawing indicating my two ideas.

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    I think that without a specification on the required accuracy between the dovetails that a complete and concise answer is challenging.

    However, the method you have shown when applying ASME Y14.5-2009 is correct for both Perpendicularity and Angularity. The 2009 standard, allows for angularity to be used in all orientation application specifications. I suspect that perpendicularity and parallelism will be gone in the nest ASME standard release.
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