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Thread: Pressure testable burst disc....

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    Pressure testable burst disc....

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an application that requires burst discs to protect lines/equipment from over pressure, however, it is now a requirement of one of our customers to pressure test the entire piping assembly to 90% of yield, prior to operation...

    Does anyone have any ides on how I can create a pressure testable burst disc?

    for example, if the system needs to be pressure tested to 300 psig at 90% - but needs a burst disc at 150 psig for normal operation...

    I know the simple answer would be to just install a "blank" disc when pressure testing, but this is not really a practical solution for what we are doing.



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    One solution to this problem is to attach a short spool piece with sufficiently rated flanges and a blind flange bolted on one end to the discharge end of your burst disc assembly and then connect a tubing bypass from your piping to the spool. This will equalize the pressure ahead and behind the disc so it will not experience any pressure loading during the pressure test without compromising the test pressure loading on the operating piping system side of the disc.

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