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Thread: Career after BSME

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    Lightbulb Career after BSME


    I am looking for some advice to continue my career, I graduated with a BSME and now for 2 years working as a manufacturing engineer in Florida. I want to obtain a master's degree, but I am not certain which path to follow. I looked at Masters in mechanical engineering as well as a masters in engineering management. I'm leaning towards a MEM, but I want to go where the demand is. I also took and passed the FE and currently I am an EIT. Any advice or perspective is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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    Take it from someone a few decades down the road - be very careful - "engineering" and "management" are two VERY different things. My advice to someone in your shoes would be this: Don't necessarily go "where the demand is". Assuming you can get a decent job in either direction (which I think you can) I would advise you to go "where your heart is". This will make much more difference in your overall happiness as you advance in your career. I have filled several roles in my career, engineer, section leader, department manager, corporate partner, business owner, and others. I KNOW which one makes me happy, and I know which ones do not. Frankly, I don't think you have enough experience under your belt to really know which one makes you happy. Be patient. You've got plenty of time. There's nothing wrong with trying some different jobs to see which ones fit well, but the overall goal should be to help you refine your direction for long term happiness and satisfaction. I know that when I am "managing" other engineers, I really would rather get in there and do the designing myself. When I have to sit through interminable business meetings reviewing accounting figures my eyes glaze over. I'm still not sure I truly understand the difference between "exempt and non-exempt". Yuck!

    Back in my day the hot ticket was the MBA (MEM wasn't really around yet.) I started classes for it and couldn't even make it through the first accounting classes.

    I have worked for a few decent engineering managers, and I marvel at how they can spend their days surrounded by engineering projects without becoming focused on one or two of the major design challenges themselves. They must intentionally separate themselves from the fun stuff! At least that's the way I see it.

    Your main question right now is this - how do you see it?

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