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Thread: Assist with Miniature Bearings Selection for WINDSWIMMER Prototype.

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    Assist with Miniature Bearings Selection for WINDSWIMMER Prototype.

    I have designed a unique approach to 'wind energy harvesting', which is bird and bat-friendly.
    And, according to the math, it will be 3X as powerful, when scaled-up to a 'windfarm' size.

    The next step is building a 4 ft model to be tested in a wind tunnel.
    I'm ordering a slew of basic 'erecter set' parts from for the structure.
    3D printing from the STEP file, will be needed for some of the parts.

    The miniature bearings are what I need assistance with, plus any engineering feedback you may want to offer for the design.

    The focus being, coming up with a wind energy turbine that will rival the existing models, yet be bird and bat friendly. This is the challenge I've given myself, and here is what I've come up with so far.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    You will need a better description than just "miniature". Sizes? Loads? Speeds? There are NUMEROUS sources for small bearings, McMaster, PIC Design, WM Berg,, and LOTS more.

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