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Thread: Conductive Gels of shore OO or softer

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    Confused Conductive Gels of shore OO or softer

    Hello everyone, I am currently building a circuit that uses a medium to measure a resistance. I have been trying to find information on conductive gels or silicons that may fit this purpose but so far have found only the gels used in pads that contain to much water and will eventually evaporate too quickly for my use. I attempted to make my own conductors by the use of the bare conductive paint and ballistics gel, however that was a failed experiment. My next attempts are to use aluminum powder, graphene from a gaphene lubricant spray, or NaCl and ballistics gel. from there ill re-try all tests with silicon. however this will be expensive and require a long time, I was hoping someone on this forum could give me some advice or a direction to go on that may take less trial and error.

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    You might look at available electrically conductive grease. By Googling "electrically conductive grease" you see a number of products and types, some with a silicone base.

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