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Thread: Functional and autonomous smartphone

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    Functional and autonomous smartphone


    I have been asked to come up with a product which can integrate smartphone and allow it to function and move autonomously from the user on demand and I was thinking of a couple of ideas.

    I have a restriction on the finances and more or less on the weight. I wouldn't want it to cost more than 250 euro and it cant be too heavy I was thinking around 250g or so as the smartphone has to move.

    I have a few ideas but as a beginner in creative design I just don't feel like I am thinking enough outside of the box.

    I was thinking of implementing a fan or some kind of drone technology to the phone that it could be mounted on it to make it fly but then I dont really know how would it operate as it kinda misses the point of "function". I am not really sure what I should understand by "moving autonomously".

    I am not asking for solutions or anything like that I would just like to know what do you all think about such task, how should I understand it, how could the phone be allowed to function and move autonomously.

    That really makes me think and I am just ripping my hair out as I do t understand how can u put these two constrains together.

    Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    A flying phone?
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    You need to start by getting the person requesting this to define the boundaries of autonomous movement required, i.e. what is the environment in which it will operate, the range of travel, etc., "moving autonomously" is not sufficient basic information for you to intelligently attack the problem. I understand that if you are in the Industrial Design sector, they love to give as little input as possible so as to " prevent you from thinking out of the box" as you stated, but infinite freedom can result in infinite alternative solutions and that can consume an infinite amount of time.

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