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Thread: Calculate TRUE parts per hour

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    Calculate TRUE parts per hour

    How do I calculate Parts per Hour on a production machine? I have the actual cycle time to machine one part (e.g 30secs). But I know all of the following will affect the true parts per hour figure, inefficienies in machine OEE, number of scrap parts per hour and production shift time. Is there a calculator / formula / best practices that people use to calculate the true parts per hour produced on a machine????

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    The method I use is to calculate real output per week is...

    Parts/Hour X FTY (%) X Machine Availability (%) x OEE (%) x Time (in whatever units are relative, week, months, day, hour etc.)

    FTY is first time yield= how many good parts/bad parts in that time span or controlled run
    OEE as % = (Max available time - (Planned Downtime= Change overs + PMs + Breaks) - (Unplanned downtime))/ Max Avail Time
    Machine Availability is how much of this machine's time is dedicated to this product? Is it split 50/50, 25/75, dedicated 100%, etc.

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