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Thread: Hydraulic Total Cost of Ownership

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    Hydraulic Total Cost of Ownership

    Hi! I would like to know what are the parameters/variables to calculate Hydraulic Total Cost of Ownership to justify purchasing a higher quality of hydraulic fluid. I need to justify my argument to the beancounters

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    Hi Eugene, I think we need a little more context here to really answer your question. What type of hydraulic application we're talking about. Type of pumps being used, volume of fluid needed, what exactly you expect to achieve by switching fluid, etc. Are we talking about something like a large, hydraulic powered, landscaping vehicle, or some sort of hydraulic powered assembly line tool? By higher quality, what do you mean? Fluid with different properties such as viscosity and density, or simply a more refined fluid of the same type; i.e. fewer contaminants, but same overall properties?

    Generally speaking, I would first look at leakage/fluid replacement rates, energy efficiency of running your system with your different fluid options, filtering, and how the fluids affect wear of mechanical components.

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    Ask the sales force of the high priced hydraulic fluid to justify the cost. If they don't have good numbers, move on to your next project.

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