There are many signs that a city needs a new bridge built. Some are very obvious indications such as unsightly and dangerous structural damage or changes in the safety codes. Other reasons include giving a face lift to the town or updating the structure to accommodate the growing economy.

Updating and Modernizing

Bridges are built strong to last for decades; however, many appear outdated and out of place after even one decade. These structures are often replaced by a more modern design with up to date construction improvements.

Two lane bridges were at one time adequate in comparison to the population and businesses in the city. Replacing with a four lane bridge would decrease traffic jams, speed up the flow of traffic, and allow more people into town for business and pleasure.

A new passageway incorporating sidewalks for pedestrians and bicycles lanes may also be needed. College towns with a high number of pedestrians and bicyclists traveling from one destination to another would welcome this addition. Pet owners also find walking the dog easier thanks to this access. Larger cities may also utilize carpool or bus lanes in the design to keep traffic flowing.

City Growth

The mission of most cities is to be people friendly, invite shopping and tourism, and promote good economic growth. This is accomplished by increasing tourism to the city. Population, traffic and tourism increases as the number of businesses increase. Replacing an old structure may be vital to the city's economy for those traveling from one destination to the next.

Large scale construction projects may require an additional bridge inspection in the city limits to accommodate new buildings. These projects may also require demolishing an existing bridge and replacing with another structure elsewhere in the town.


Structures that have been in existence for many years tend to show signs of wear and tear from use and weather. Those that do not pass a safety inspection may be cheaper to replace than repair when all the costs of demolition and removal are considered. There are also grants awarded to towns that build a brand new structure instead of repairing the old bridge. A brand new passageway will also last longer than making repairs to an existing structure.

Citizens notice the signs that a city needs a new bridge built. Although a traveling hardship will be endured for quite some time during the construction process, the final result will be well worth the wait.