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Thread: Slider Bush and Shaft Selection for Crank Slider

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    Slider Bush and Shaft Selection for Crank Slider


    I need someone to point me in the right direction please.

    I'm designing a Crank System for a hand held tool. I'ts a simple design with the Crank providing reciprocating motion to a 6mm Diameter Shaft. The Shaft and bushing supporting it will have the following characteristics:

    Shaft Stroke: 16mm
    Shaft RPM: 2,400
    Max Velocity of Shaft: 1.3 m/s
    Max Acceleration of Shaft: 220 m/s^2
    Lubrication: none/minimum

    I need help deciding on a shaft/bushing arrangement that will allow this. specifically:

    What type of bushing arrangement should i use?
    What type shaft/bushing material should i use?
    Are there any off the shelf products for this or should i be looking design myself?


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    #1 - Prepare a sketch to explain your setup. Words are inadequate.
    #2 - You describe the motion well, but made no mention of loads, accuracy, or any other requirements.
    #3 - Contact application engineers at known manufacturers of linear motion bearings such as PBC Linear, Igus, Thomson, IKO, etc. They are there specifically to answer questions like yours.

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