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Thread: How to get the best pressure control for branches

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    How to get the best pressure control for branches

    I am discussing with my friends to see which way is the best way to get the most stable branch outputs when one branch condition changed suddenly.

    There are three liquid flow branches, A, B and C, connected together with one pressure source, like this configuration:

    Attachment 2255

    The Water Pump, #1, guarantees to provide the pressure of 200 bar to the system. The Pressure Relief Valve, #2, will be set to 195 bar and assume it will open to relieve the extra pressure when the pressure is over that value. Branch A, B and C are all expected to have a pressure of 195 bar to work properly.

    After the system is in perfect working condition, we manually change the Restrictor valve, #3, to make more resistance in Branch A. We assume the change is NOT small. Then the system pressure may increase immediately due to the change from Branch A. But the increase may be relieved by the Pressure Relief valve, #2, immediately, as well.

    Now there are two different opinions for the result of the change from Branch A:

    Opinion 1: Branch B and Branch C will not be affected, because the Pressure Relief valve is three for this purpose.

    Opinion 2: Branch B and Branch C will be affected, because the Pressure Relief valve is far from the change source and the change reaches Branch B and C first.

    Q1: What is your opinion about this?

    Because of above different opinions, there are more configurations come out:

    Attachment 2256

    Q2: Which configuration is the best configuration in order to get the most stable working pressure for Branch B and C?

    1. let's only focus on pressure increase case here for now;
    2. I am not in this field. I am asking these questions here because I want to see if I am right conceptually, or in the right direction. So I don't need answers with actual numbers. I only need answers to tell me which one makes more sense from you expert point of view.


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    "let's only focus on pressure increase case here for now;"

    In a closed, zero flow system it works, pressures are equal.. The concept works however, pump capacity under flow demand, line size, flow rate demand per branch, line length, number of fittings has more effect on pressure then you're considering at this time.
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