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Thread: Machine Design Lectures on YouTube (based on Shigley)

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    Machine Design Lectures on YouTube (based on Shigley)

    I am a Senior Lecturer at Louisiana Tech University, and a licensed professional engineer in Louisiana. I want to make this community aware of a free resource I have provided via YouTube. I teach a series of 2 courses based in the Shigley Mechanical Engineering Design text (MEEN361: Advanced Mechanics of Materials & MEEN462: Machine Element Design). I have now captured most of my lectures and published them on YouTube. Please find these videos collected in the following 2 playlists:


    Additionally, I have lectures posted from my Dynamics course (based in Hibbler 14th ed.). These lectures are collected in the following playlist:

    I encourage anyone interested to check out these videos. Happy learning!

    -Dr. Swanbom

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    Thank you for that resource.

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