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Thread: DesignCAD question/issue

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    DesignCAD question/issue

    Hello everyone. Hoping someone in here can help. I am running DesignCAD on my Mac using parallels. In 2D mode, when you use the V keyboard shortcut for vector drawing, click the mouse button and then you are able to use the arrow key to move the cursor in 1 foot increments. When you get to the desired length, click the mouse button again to set that point and then continue on with your drawing. Our issue is on a new installation of DesignCAD, when you click the mouse button to set your second point, it snaps back to the starting point. We have 2 machines in our office that act according to what I outlined above. Does anyone have any insight on how to set this up? Is it a DesignCAD issue or a parallels issue? I know there are other ways to skin the cat, but this is how we have been doing things and it works for us. Any help would be appreciated.

    PS. I did try the DesignCAD forums, but they appear to be down.
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    Have you tried looking at the snap settings configuration? I know it sounds a bit DUH! but it's usually the simplest things that give us the most trouble.

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