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Thread: How to convert pressure (Bar) to flow rate (L/min)?

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    How to convert pressure (Bar) to flow rate (L/min)?


    I'm try to calculate the pressure (in bar) needed for a certain flow rate 3 L/min of Argon gas given the following setup:
    - I have a tank of Argon gas and the line pressure can be between 0 bar to 5 bar.
    - The gas will flow out to the open air in the end.
    - My pipe has an internal radius of 2.3mm and length of 15 meters.

    I will be very happy if someone can also explain to me the process of getting to the answer...

    Thanks for the help

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    I see that you are trying this forum as an alternative Physics Forum for your inquiry. The direct answer to your question is not easy because there are several gas properties used to calculate the required pressure; however, I have an excel spreadsheet program for that calculation using USA units, based upon the reference document noted on that sheet. If you will send me an email at ( albertshous at ) I am willing to return email you a copy of that program as an attachment. That copy already has an example calculation that I have run for your specific problem. Solving the problem requires adjusting the inlet pressure until you obtain the flow volume required.


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