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Thread: Looking for assistance with a Wind Load Calculation

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    Looking for assistance with a Wind Load Calculation

    Im hopeful that this is the right place to post such a question. We are at Witts end trying to find anyone to help us with this calculation.

    We are a Los Angeles testing company looking for assistance with a wind load calculation. The calculation is based on the ASCE/SEI 7-05. As water intrusion testers, we are attempting to recreate a leak within a fenestration product based on historical data i.e. wind pressure. We accomplish this with the use of a negative air chamber on the interior side of the fenestration product.

    Finding the correct pressure for a specific day / time in history to re create the leak conditions is where we are lost.

    Our standard is the AAMA 511-08 essentially a Forensic test of the window.

    We have located the historical wind speed for the dates when the windows were know to have leaked and averaged them out. That number is 5.8mph

    We'd really like to know how to do the equation as opposed to just getting an answer.

    Ive attached the section of the AAMA standard which references our test procedure and how the calc is to be conducted.

    If the portion of the standard which we attached is not enough info, there are a few more pages we can also attach.

    Thank you in advance. Any assistance is extremely appreciated.

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