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Thread: Autocad gridline coordinates aren't in y,x

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    Autocad gridline coordinates aren't in y,x

    Hello! Student in engineering. I just saw an autocad drawing that confused me. Coordinates were listed as "N. 2+200" for example, but then coordinates within the grid (for the design) were in x and y coordinates. Can someone help explain what the numbers and + sign mean? Does this have something to do with a specific way to write northings and eastings coordinates? Or does it have to do with station in autocad? Thank you in advance!

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    It looks like a Lat/Long coordinate rather than an E/N location which would give a latitude range of +90 to -90 and a longitude range of +180 to -180. Without seeing the drawing it's hard to guess at but I'd imagine buried somewhere in the general notes is an explanation of the units they've used.

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