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Thread: Rivet related question, how many and what size?

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    Rivet related question, how many and what size?

    I'm replacing the floor of an all aluminum trailer (7'x13') as part of a camper conversion. I will be using 11 gauge (0.12") 6000 series aluminum and the trailer floor beams are currently 24" centres (mix of tubing and i-beam) but I'm planning on welding in some 3/8" x 1.5" aluminum angle between the existing beams to shorten that span to under 12 inches.

    Loads will be human weight at most in any given sqft with the worst case being say a piggy back with feet closely together so let's say max load ever under 300 pounds in any given square foot.

    My question is, what size rivets and what type of either pattern or spacing? My plan was/is to use 120 degree countersink 3/16th aluminum blind rivets with a stainless mandrel but I will adjust as needed.

    Some areas (back fold down door for example) will also have a second layer of thin 20 gauge-ish) diamond plate on top of the 11 gauge so I'm not sure if that impacts things.

    THANK YOU so much in advance for any help you're able to offer.
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